Best Way to Escape Winter : Travel to Hawaii

hawaii-sunsetMany probably don’t know that in February 1887 San Francisco got unexpected snow fall. It happened again in 1976 and while snow is a rare occurrence in the city, winter is not exactly friendly here. December and January are the coldest months of the year and rain is very present. Overall, the weather in winter in San Francisco is changeable and unpredictable.

What better way to escape the winter than planning to travel to Hawaii ? The weather here is consistent. The average year round daily temperature is 74C. The only downside of traveling during winter is that you’ll get to the islands right in the middle of the high season, which means the prices will be slightly higher both for accommodation and airfare.

And just in case you need more reasons to visit Hawaii, here are some ideas:

  • Hawaii is a great choice for a Valentine’s Vacation . There are a lot of romantic things to do and your loved one will surely appreciate something different than the oh-so-usual dinner at the restaurant.
  • Adventure vacations in Hawaii are an excellent choice for those who like active holidays. The islands offer a diverse landscape and there are a lot of activities to choose from.
  • Hawaii is an excellent place to spend your honeymoon or get married . There are numerous travel operators which offer specialized packages for both those who want to get married or spend their honeymoon on the islands. But you can also do some research on your own and look for the packages offered by the resort. All you need to do next is to book a flight.

Tips on budgeting

Sure, Hawaii is not a cheap destination, particularly during the peak travel season. But there are always some things you can do to cut the expenses.

First of all, decide whether it’s affordable to book a vacation package or plan the vacation on your own. Also, look for special offers from resorts and airlines. Many of them have web-only offers which travel agencies don’t have access to. Likewise, many travel operators will have access to deals that aren’t available for the general public and hence, a package might be a cheaper choice.

Should you decide to plan your vacation on your own, book the flights for mid-week. It’s a simple, yet effective way, to save on airfare. Don’t forget to book in advance and check different airlines and booking websites. Also, when you look for accommodation, consider staying further from the beach. If you love nature, then you should also try camping.

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