It Starts…


Hello. Hola. Ni hao. Ciao. こんにちは. здравствулте!.

Welcome to San Francisco, where you are as likely to hear Spanish, Mandarin, Italian, Japanese, Russian, or a multitude of other languages as you are to hear English. This west coast boomtown is truly like no other, and I am lucky enough to call it home.

Who am I? I am known to many around these parts as anniebanannie, but you can just call me Annie. I am a SF Bay Area native who has called the City by the Bay home for the past 8 years. I have lived seemingly all over – from the reaches of the Avenues to the outskirts of the Mission, back by Golden Gate Park, to Nob Hill, and now lower Pac Heights. Like many in this City, I can be seen as a little transient!

As the title of the Logue suggests, this’ll be all about San Francisco. Around the town events, off the beaten path finds, day trips, basic information…really, anything I can find that I think may help enhance your visit to SF, I’ll try to include. Questions? Suggestions? Send ’em my way. Put down your guidebook and join me on a tour of this amazing City; I hope you love it as much as I do.