Memorial Day 2008 in San Francisco

It’s a three-day weekend for most people in San Francisco. If you happen to be visiting this weekend, here are some ideas!

  1. Oakland A’s vs. Boston Red Sox – so, not technically San Francisco, but just a quick ride on BART (hop on the Dublin/Pleasanton line or Fremont line, take to Oakland Coliseum/Airport exit). This is also your favorite Loguer’s favorite team. The games against the Red Sox are usually exciting and rowdy, and as of press time, the A’s are still jockeying for first place. Check out this old stadium while you still can, and imagine the days when “Mt. Davis” wasn’t there (the outfield seats) and you could see the lovely hills of Oakland.
  2. Carnaval San Francisco – The Grand Parade is on Sunday. The parade went on forever last year, but it was well worth it. It is definitely a party atmosphere down in the Mission, with dancers and groups representing a variety Latin American and Caribbean cultures. There is also a festival with craft booths and yummy food. To get to the Mission from downtown, take BART to the 16th or 24th street stations
  3. Memorial Day Commemoration – This event happens on Monday, May 26, at the Presidio. It is a formal memorial ceremony, followed by a tour by Presidio Guards. Worth it to go check out the Presidio and pay tribute. You can find a Presidio map here. Public transportation to the Presidio is a little tough, but they have a handy page to help you plan your trip.