Plan a short getaway during the Easter Weekend

easter-bunnyThere are only two weeks left until Easter and if you haven’t managed to plan a short getaway yet we have some ideas for you.

How about some deals from San Jose to get you started? Why San Jose? Because the city is easily reachable from pretty much any American city and because there are some great deals available for you with flights departing from San Jose.

Want to soak up some sun during the Easter weekend? Then grab the deal to Miami. The round trip flight and 2-nights accommodation start at $555 per person (there are a verity of airlines and hotels to choose from so it’s up to you to choose the best deal).

Or you can head to Orlando. The deal comprises the round trip flight and 2-nights accommodation and the price starts at $412 per person. The resort offers a pool and a fitness room and is located just 1 mile from Walt Disney World.

If your budget allows for splurges you can take your loved one to Hawaii. You can plan a 2-nights vacation in Honolulu for prices starting at $723 per person (including the round trip flight). The resort offers a pool, spa facilities and fitness facilities. It is a luxury resort located right on the waterfront and there’s the possibility to play tennis or golf.

And if you feel lucky you can try your luck in Sin City. Packages including the round trip flight and 2-nights accommodation start at $298 per person. You’ll be staying at MGM Grand Hotel & Casino which offers great places to enjoy a meal and a variety of things to do, including a posh nightclub to dance the nights away.

Now that you’ve got the plans laid down, all you need to do is pack your bags and drive to San Jose. Oh, you don’t know what to do with your car once you reach the airport? San Jose airport parking take care of that and you can even book the parking space ahead of time to save time and money.

Happy Easter!

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