PresidiGo a Go Go

I have talked about the Presidio several times, but one of the major problems is public transit to that part of the City. The Presidio is well worth your time to visit (I hear there is a statue of Yoda in front of the new Lucas Film buildig), so I was thrilled to find out about PresidiGo Around the Park and PresidiGo Downtown Shuttle.

First, the PresidiGo Downtown Shuttle. This shuttle is available for Presidio employees & residents, but is also open to visitors. It runs from 5.45am to 8pm; during commute hours you must show a Muni passport to ride. This is a great option to get directly to the Presidio.

Then, once you’re there, you can hop on the PresidiGo Around the Park. Boasting 40 stops around the Presidio, this free shuttle is a great way to see all the nooks and crannies the park has to offer. Check out one of the few cemeteries in San Francisco proper, see the old officers’ homes, and maybe bowl a game or two before the alleys get torn down.