San Francisco FroYo Wars: SoGreen

No, it’s not the early 90’s all over again…but frozen yogurt (or, in local terms, froyo) is all the rage. There have been a ton of store openings in the past few months, and I am hear to bring you the news on the good, the bad, and the tarty.

SoGreen, located in the Crocker-Galleria, was the first of these new places that I tried. They offer just three flavors — original, green tea, and specialty (changes seasonally). The yogurt places of my past always had a variety of flavors, from chocolate to peanut brittle to raspberry, so I was a little thrown off by the choice of only 3; I was also intrigued.

I went with the original flavor and chocolate chip topping. It was…different. I guess it is suppose to have a tart like flavor. At times, it tasted tarty to me; at other times, it was a little sour milk-y. I could not decide if I liked it or not, which, I know, is not the most glowing endorsement. SoGreen is all the rage at my work, though, so it must be delicious to some palates.

It is different, to be sure.

Summary: 2 spoons (of a possible 4)