San Francisco Green Space: Alamo Square Park

One of my favorite things about San Francisco is the large number of parks. This is definitely an urban city, but there is a lot of green space where you can relax and get lost in your thoughts (and the fog).

One park that is famous by sight, but not so well-known by name. The park that is bordered by the very recognizable “Painted Ladies” of San Francisco to the east, and a thriving bar and restaurant scene to the west is a great place for just enjoying the view.

Grab a snack on Divisadero (one block to the west). There you’ll find Little Star Pizza, a local fave. Or, grab a coffee at one of the many shops on Divisadero and a pastry, and walk back up to the park. Make sure to walk to the top, and check out the panorama. Then walk a little to the east, in full view of the Painted Ladies. Pop a squat, and watch the day go by.

You’ll see lots of tourists taking pictures with the Ladies behind them. They generally only stay for a moment or two, which is too bad, because they’re really missing the charm of the park. Stick around for a while and you’ll get a sense of the diversity of the area’s populace. And, the diversity of their dogs! From Chihuahuas to Pit Bulls, you’ll see them all.

When the sun goes down, and the fog rolls in, pack it in and head back to Divisadero. On the higher end, try NOPA, a very popular restaurant. For a good happy hour, try Fly Bar. They have beer and sake, and a menu of delicious eats! Take a wander down the street and find several other bars and restaurants; there really is something for everyone there.

To get to Alamo Square Park from downtown via public transportation, take the 21 Hayes directly to the park (you’ll see it on your right). You can also take the 5 Fulton, get off at Divisadero, then walk 2 blocks. The 21 Hayes also goes to Divisadero, so you can go there and grab food first!