San Francisco Presidio Walks

San Francisco’s Presidio is a historic, peaceful enclave in an otherwise busy city. It is also currently the site of some development, and, thus (because this is San Francisco), a bit of controversy.

But, the ongoing discussions have had a great result for locals and visitors alike, and that is a free, guided walk through the Presidio. These free walks began on June 15, and will continue through July 30. On Sundays & Wednesdays, from 2-3.30pm, you are welcome to meet at the Presidio Officer’s Club (50 Moraga Ave) and embark on a walk through “the birthplace of San Francisco.”

See the Presidio as it is now, and see the proposed plans for its future. You’ll be asked to give your thoughts, too, which will be taken into account before any of these plans move forward.

To get to the Presidio, use the handy tool to map out your public transit options.