Should you travel in the US? Or internationally?

Each time my travel feet itch (and that happens quite often, rest assured), the very first decision to make is : domestic vs. international travel . Traveling abroad sure opens up a lot of possibilities, such understanding and exploring new cultures, seeing exotic animals in their own habitat, tasting different fruits, and learning the history. But it can also mean less than desirable accommodation, long travel times, having to deal with illness on the road, trying to figure out things in another language. On the other hand, in your back yard, there are little things that can go bad and you’ll definitely know how to handle them. After all, at least there isn’t any language barrier!

Still want to take the chances and head to a destination abroad? Then check out the deals from San Francisco . Round trip domestic flights start at $139 per person. Flying to Europe is definitely expensive (from $1017 roundtrip if you catch a deal). If you are looking for a short city break, then definitely stick to your back yard. Otherwise, if you have free time for a two weeks vacation (at least) it is worth it to look into international airfare.

However, the experience of traveling abroad cannot be compared to spending the vacation in your own country. There’s so much to learn and to enjoy abroad, things that no history or geography book can teach you.

And regardless of where you plan to fly, it’s a good idea to book airport parking at SFO when you book the flight. Your car will be in a safe place until you come back and you won’t have to pay extra for transfer either.

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