Sin City, Anyone?

las-vegas-skylineSan Francisco provides enough opportunities to have a lot of fun on your vacation, but visiting Las Vegas as a side trip is an excellent idea. The flight takes about 1 hour and 30 minutes and it’s not expensive at all. Plus, Las Vegas is one of those cities which must be visited at least once in a life time. Whether you’ll hate it or love it, it remains to be seen, but you should experience its glitz, glamor, grandeur and fast pace lifestyle!

You really don’t need a special reason to head to the Sin City. The things to do in Las Vegas range from walking on the Strip at night to watch the colorful signs, to spending endless time (and loads of money) in the numerous malls and outlets, to watching shows, dancing the night away and, of course, taking a day trip to visit the surrounding areas…and that’s just scratching the surface. You really do need a lot of time to experience what Sin City has to offer and if you want to spend an interesting and frustration-free vacation, make sure to make some plans.

And they should start with the cheap hotels in Las Vegas you are considering to stay in. Many resorts have excellent deals and it’s not expensive to stay for couple of days. And if you score a room in a good resort, you’ll have loads of opportunities at your fingertips. Remember though that everything costs (dearly) here. Do keep in mind that you don’t need to book too far in advance to get a decent rent. Quite the contrary: many hotels have excellent rates if you book at most two weeks before departure.

Once you’ve found the place to stay and figured out the activities your time (or should I say budget) allow for, make sure to check out the cheap flights to Vegas . Many low-cost carriers have excellent deals so keep your eyes open for them. This typically means you’ll be adjusting the vacation days according to the airline’s offer but, overall, it’s worth it as you’ll be saving money.

Needless to say, it’s not called a trip to Vegas if you haven’t gambled. If you are not into such activities, you can still try your luck at slots or keno.

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