Visiting San Diego – an interesting side trip while vacationing in San Francisco

san-diego-old-townCalifornia is a great year-round destination. Cities such as San Francisco and San Diego offer plenty of things to do and if you have quite a bit of time on your hands, you can plan to visit both of them during your vacation.

Why should you choose a trip to San Diego?

You like long driving trips. It takes 8-10 hours (depending on the route) to get from San Francisco to San Diego by car. You can take the PCH, as it’s one of the best drives in the States and a unique experience, for sure. Along the way you can swing by Malibu, Santa Barbara and even take a break and camp at Lake Cachuma. So you can easily spend two days on the road and visit a bunch of interesting places along the way.

Driving not your thing? Book a flight to San Diego. Prices stay around $99pp and there are numerous daily flights offered by various airlines. United offers most of them though, so make sure to start your search on their website.

There are numerous deals available for San Diego hotels . Although the city is a year round travel destination, there are months when the prices are lower. During winter, rates start at $50 per night.

San Diego is a great choice for families with children. There are many things to do especially for children, such as visiting the Children’s Museum of San Diego, spending time at the Children’s Pool Beach, enjoying a fun day at Legoland, getting close to wild animals at the San Diego Wild Animal Park, and many more.

The Old Town offers plenty of interesting things to do, from checking out the area’s original Spanish structures to spending hours in the shopping district. If you prefer to get some information about the area, there are quite a lot of tours to choose from.

During February there’s the possibility to go on a whale watching tour. The California gray whales migrate south along the cost and there are quite a lot of places where it’s possible to view them.

Hiking and biking are great activities to practice year-round. If you prefer an active holiday, San Diego is an excellent choice for a vacation. There are many trails to choose from and you don’t need to be in peak fitness form to have fun.