Visiting San Francisco in Fall

It is a known fact that the weather in San Francisco is as changeable as the seas. It is very hard to forecast it and changes drastically from place to place. There are four seasons but the weather rarely lives up to the expectations. However, fall is the best time to visit the city. The days are sunny and warm while the nights are mild. It rarely rains so you can check out the beaches in San Francisco and go back home with a lovely tan.

Since September to November is the best period to visit the city, don’t exact the airfare to San Francisco to be very cheap. However, many airlines have special offers during this time of the year, so you won’t have to rack up a lot of money for your vacation.

As it happens with all large cities, cheap hotels in San Francisco are not hard to find but it does take a bit of time to find a good option.

Aside from soaking up the sun and checking out the beach activities, make sure to visit Alcatraz – the former prison -, walk on the Golden Gate Bridge, eat in Chinatown (or grab some interesting souvenirs for those back home) and enjoy a ride in the famous cable cars. If you need some time in nature, the Golden Gate Park is a good choice.

Price tag for a week in San Francisco? Let’s assume you’ll be leaving New York on October 7 and go back home on October 13. Round trip flights start at $249 per person (on Virgin America). As for accommodation, rates start at as low as $67 per room per night in a 2-star hotel. Of course, you also need to add to the budget the cost of food (or eating out) and the entertainment.