Weekend Fun: Sing us a Song, Mr. Pianomen

A few weeks ago, I was with some friends in the Union Square area in the late evening. We were looking for a bar, and one of our friends kept insisting there was a piano bar right there. The rest of us had no idea what he was talking about, but went along with it, thinking, at the worst, we would top off the night with a Guinness at Foley’s Irish Bar.

Little did we know, there is a fantastic dueling piano bar right in the downtown of our fair city! It is located on O’Farrell at Geary, and apparently called MicX (243 O’Farrell St.). Two pianos sit facing each other, and for a minimal amount of money, they’ll play your request. If it’s your birthday, watch out, you may get roasted a bit by these piano players you don’t know, but it’s all in good fun.

Best of all, there is no cover, and no drink minimum. Be warned, the humor is a little on the bawdy-side, and can get downright crass, but it is really part of the charm.

If you are staying in Union Square, it is an easy walk to MicX. Otherwise, the 38 Geary bus runs directly in front of the bar, the cable car will drop you off on the corner, or you can take a nice 3 block walk from the Powell St. BART station.