Why You Should Add San Francisco to Your RTW Itinerary

It’s always a challenge trying to decide where to go on your next trip out of town. So many factors go into the decision making process. Some like to head to the beach and relax. Some like to get out into the outdoors, hiking, camping, and fishing. Some look for unique places to visit that are unlike any other city.

But what if you’re interested in taking more than just the typical vacation? What if you have always dreamed of quitting your job, selling your stuff, and heading off to explore the world? If that is something you’ve ever thought about doing, you may want to head over to our sister site, BootsnAll. They have some of the best round the world planning resources out there today.

When crafting a RTW itinerary, travelers are usually looking for unique spots to add. San Francisco certainly fits into that category, as there really isn’t another city like it on Earth. There are both pros and cons to adding San Francisco to a RTW itinerary. It is one of the more expensive cities in the US, but what it offers can help offset the pain of adding the expense to your budget. If you are from the US, have never been to San Fran and heading out on a RTW trip, adding it to either the beginning or end of your trip would be pretty cool. It could ease you into the beginning of your trip or be a great introduction back into the US at the end. If you are not from the US and plan on visiting during your round the world trip, there aren’t many more interesting cities to visit. No matter what situation you are in, if you are a travel lover, chances are you will love visiting the city on the bay.